#indie30 Prompt #21: Where do you most want to go in 2014?

Day 21 prompt is here: Where do you most want to go in 2014?

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The first day trip of 2014 was in March 1st when we walked to the woods and within the woods bordering our city. About 25 km of hiking.


Then in mid-March we took a day trip to Radna Monastery and Lipova , managing to visit the museum in the town as well. On thw way back we stopped at Paulis.




These were short escapes close to our home town of Arad, Romania.

Next on the list is our wedding anniversary in May. We already booked the night in Budapest, Hungary and three nights in Bratislava, Slovakia. It will be our 7th visit to Budapest and first to Bratislava.

View of Danube, Budapest

View of Danube, Budapest

For fall, I’m thinking Rome and possibly Naples (Pompeii and Herculanum) for a week or two. And a stop in Cluj Napoca, Romania before we fly to Italy.

How we choose where we travel? In general, we want to visit a new country each year, but we also like to go back to certain cities, such as Budapest. Plus we realized that after visiting Bratislava we’d only need to visit Belgrade to tick off all capitals which are located on Danube river (we visited Vienna in December 2013).

And while we’ve been to Rome before, we only stayed for two days, plus we really want to visit Herculanum and Pompeii. We like historical places and sites. For example, Bratislava is tiny but has some lovely sights both within the city center and outside the city (a ruined castle).

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