Daily Prompt: Clean Slate


Here’s a good reason to talk about the mayhem that’s my one bedroom apartment. Thanks, daily prompt.

Explore the room you’re in as if you’re seeing it for the first time. Pretend you know nothing. What do you see? Who is the person who lives there?

I see two desks with a computer on each of them… looks like one has a bunch of headbands in a corner, so that’s her desk. Hmm she has an additional monitor. Maybe she works from home. Hopefully she does something she loves. A coffee mug with London sights on it right by the laptop – she’s either been to London or got it from someone but certainly loves the city!

And there are bunch of books. Most of them in English. Accounting and fraud, some classics…hmmm has she studied to be an economist? Is she working as one? Or maybe he is? There are some computer games. Those are his, definitely!

And there’s something that looks like a wedding bouquet which has been kept. So they must be married! No photo of them in the room, though. Bummer. A stair-stepper near her desk. She must work out.

A DSLR camera on the other desk. Oh bummer, still no photos. A calendar. Oh there’s a badge with a photo of him. Cute guy! Oh and her badge in on the desk, in all that pile of women stuff. She’s a writer! oh wow that’s nice. She’s got a blog and looks like she is proud of it , too. And she likes tea. There’s a packet from one of the teas she must have had and loved. And a Cosmopolitan magazine and a book. And a lot of stuff from vacations – maps of Budapest, Athens, London and Rome…they travel a lot, maybe she writers about that! Oh she’s definitely been to London!

So she is a writer, who likes Cosmopolitan and who travels. They probably travel together. She also seems to like accessories (two bracelets are on her desk and some headbands). She has medium to long hair, likes to work out and reads. They are married. Oh wow I just saw the vintage type-writer! Oh wait, there are two. She definitely likes to write! And the backpacks…in the corner.

The bed is simple, nothing fancy. A large decorating pillow. Maybe she likes to stay on the bead and read, with some tea alongside.

His desk is really clean compared to her. No TV , or maybe his monitor doubles as one? I see a router and one of those things you get to watch TV via the net. And the remains of a Christmas ornament.


Oh wait, what’s THAT?! A terrarium ?! But what’s in it? A spider??? Can it be a tarantula? wow it’s soooo pretty. Does it bite? Could it kill me?

And on the closet there are stuffed animals. Maybe gifts from her younger years? She probably just can’t bring herself to get rid of them.

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