Daily Prompt: Flawed

156476_10150829273198611_1365890662_nToday’s daily prompt is another interesting question:

What is your worst quality?

I believe that I’ve got two qualities which can be considered “bad”:

  • being a perfectionist
  • being brutally honest

Whether I write, I take photos, I work out, I lose weight or just plan a vacation, I’m always seeking to be perfect at it. I was never a girly-girl but I like to look good – if possible, without a lot of effort, too (I know, that’s kind of impossible). I annoy my colleagues with my demands sometimes (especially since I am the one who insures quality control for some things) and I am certainly harsh on myself when I write.

As for being brutally honest, I was told many times to try to be “more diplomatic” and even learn some “white lies” in order to wiggle my way around things. Fortunately, I’d rather stick to brutally honest.

“You shouldn’t have to sacrifice who you are just because somebody else has a problem with it.” (SATC)

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