Daily Prompt: Circle of Five

A writer once said, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” If this is true, which five people would you like to spend your time with?

Another interesting daily prompt for today. It reminds me of the “who are four/five/six people dead or live you’d like to have dinner with?“.

The answer to today’s prompt is not too simple. Because I’m a “complicated” person (in the good way!, as per Alex’s statement). And I have learned that I need to surround myself with positive people.

First on the list is, of course, my husband, Alex. He’s been my best friend for years. He still teaches me a lot of new things – Hungarian being the most recent on the list. Plus, he’s a computer wizard.

Anthony Bourdain . He’s sort of an “idol”, but not for his lifestyle. His travels are what got me into keeping an eye on his work (and I love his blog, too). He’s the necessary dose of irony we all need.

Carrie Bradshaw – hey, no one said they have to be real people! So I can most certainly befriend a character. And my hero, remember? She’s the one who “teaches” me about men and relationships in general – although I am perfectly capable of making mistakes on my own.

Nicholas Spark . I’ve recently read three of his best sellers and since I am currently writing a book of my own – in Romanian – I am intrigued to learn more about the whole process. And how in the world he can be so good at it!

My coordinator at work. He’s not “my boss”, we are colleagues and sort of started to be friends, too. I am interested in his perception about the US and the working environment. Also, I can learn a lot from him, both to help me with my job and life, in general.

19 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Circle of Five

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  7. Funny you picked Carrie Bradshaw! I’m sure a lot of girls out there are [silently, discreetly] applauding your choice… Who doesn’t want befriend the NY 40-something sassy & smart Carrie? And you’re right: who said they need to be real?!😮 Thanks for sharing… Greetings from La Paz, Bolivia!

      • I know, I know, in the beginning of the series, sure… and we all grew old together – real life and fiction girlts… but all of us, girls from the 80s, by the end, we were all hitting our 40s… and so was the one who gave ‘life’ to Carrie B… That’s why I can tell you, lots of women not-so-in-the-30s would be quite pleased with the choice!😮 Thanks for coming back and replying!

        • I’m born in early 80s and I’m just beginning to enjoy the 30s LOL So looking at the series again (and again, and again) is a pleasure🙂 I admit I like Carrie more in the movies, b/c she is (finally) a bit more mature.
          Oh, I try to answer all comments (as long as I’m online on laptop or smartphone).

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