Arad Rally 2015 : Photo Blog Post

For the second year in a row, we had the chance to go and see the cars competing in Arad Rally on two different sections. Conop-Nadas (just like last year) and Lalasint (a really spectacular section on tarmac). On Saturday morning we left home around 8 a.m. with our sandwiches packed and water bought. The…


Things that make me happy – April 2015

1. Booked the accommodation for our wedding anniversary I’m pretty sure Hungary is getting more expensive by the day . Chose Astoria City Hostel again. I had a discount card from them but I cannot find it (maybe I’ll be able to by the time we leave). However, we grabbed a discount via Hostelbookers. The…


April 2015 Photos

April was all about – Catholic and Orthodox Easters – new pair of walking shoes – new hairstyle – a lot of new spring dishes (using raw zucchini) – a visit to the Vegan restaurant in town


Things that make me happy – March 2015

March was a much better month than January or February. Although we still had to make an emergency visit to the ear doctor – yes, it never seems to end, darn! But the positives outweigh the negatives. 1. Our new FitBit Charge HRs We finally got the new “toys” right before our trip to Cluj…


Spring in the City: Arad, Romania

Palm Sunday (Catholic). March 29th. What to do on a lazy day when you need to get 10k steps in? Naturally, look for a spot of decent weather and go out to take photos. All photos are taken on the Bank of River Mures, in Arad, Romania. I used my Sony M2 Aqua and slightly…