Our signature pose. This photo was taken on New Year's 2013 in Budapest

Things That Make Me Happy – November 2014

1.Interview A while ago , a writer I’ve been following , asked around for people who have participated in NaNoWriMo. Since I won last year, I got in touch with her. This interview is the result of her asking me questions and me trying to be smart. The book is FREE to download between Dec…


Travel Theme: Autumn

I must admit I was looking for an excuse to post autumn photos. And here is my excuse. Unfortunately this year we haven’t hit the “awesome fall foliage” time yet. That’s in mid-November or so. But I did find some interesting leaves during my walk in mid October: Autumn for me also means healthy salads…


October 2014 Photos

Flowers and fall goodies in front of a cafe I love. Our London coffee mugs one morning. A lonely rose after a rain in my grandma’s garden. Fall goodies. Colorful leaves. Sunset over Mures River on a lovely Sunday evening.