Travel Theme: Autumn

I must admit I was looking for an excuse to post autumn photos. And here is my excuse. Unfortunately this year we haven’t hit the “awesome fall foliage” time yet. That’s in mid-November or so. But I did find some interesting leaves during my walk in mid October: Autumn for me also means healthy salads…


October 2014 Photos

Flowers and fall goodies in front of a cafe I love. Our London coffee mugs one morning. A lonely rose after a rain in my grandma’s garden. Fall goodies. Colorful leaves. Sunset over Mures River on a lovely Sunday evening.

Septembrie 1

September 2014 Photos

Another series stars today; a collage of 4 photos for each month. Ideally I won’t forget and post one on the 1st of each month for the month that has ended. Here it goes. First one: September 2014. Sunrise in Italy, on the banks of the Adriatic Sea. Best.Pizza.Ever. in Naples, Italy Visiting Pompeii, Italy…